Couples Play 101

by Maggie Avery

Couples Play

It is well known that sex toys can be a great way for couples to spice things up. Whether you’ve been married for 20 years or just got together, hundreds of toys are available in and outside the bedroom. 

We know that bringing toys into the bedroom can be intimidating for some, but opening yourself up to new experiences is one of the best ways to explore sexuality and enhance intimacy between you and your partner. Stimulation and pleasure can all be boiled down to preference, but we want to talk about the different kinds of couples toys that are available!

Panty Vibes

Panty vibes are a great starter option for couples looking to explore new toys because there are so many options! Panty vibes can be slipped into, or attached to (via magnet), underwear and controlled by remote control or by an app on your phone. Some of our favorite brands are: 

  1. Lovense: Specializes in long-distance, Bluetooth-controlled, toys. One thing that is amazing about Lovense is that you can control your partner's toy from any distance, near or far!
  2. WeVibe: WeVibe is a luxury brand that allows couples to connect toys to an app and control them via Bluetooth. 
  3. Satisfyer: We love Satisfyer because their main focus is making sure that sex toys can be affordable for everyone! Satisfyer makes several remote-controlled toys, but their panty vibe is one of our favorites because of its sleek, comfortable style and fit. 

Cock Rings

Cock Rings (or C-rings) are great because they can help by keeping blood at the surface of the penis, allowing for increased sensitivity and a stronger erection. C-rings come in different sizes, and shapes and they can even be vibrating. A vibrating option can allow for extra stimulation not only for the penis but also for the vagina too! Some of our favorite options are: 

  1. Blush “Play with Me”: The “Play with Me” vibrating c-ring can be worn around the base of the penis or underneath the balls. It is battery-powered, so it is an affordable option for beginners! There are many different color and size options offered, so you can choose what you like best! 
  2. Blush “Stay Hard”: The “Stay Hard” rings are one of our most popular non-vibrating c-rings! They are super stretchy and come with three different sizes, so you can wear them all individually or put them on all together! 
  3. Vedo “Frisky Bunny”: Vedo is one of the brands we just cannot get enough of! Their “Frisky Bunny” is a vibrating c-ring that is designed to stimulate both the penis and clitoris, making it a great option for a couple's toy! 

U-Shaped Vibes

U-shaped vibes are made to stimulate the clitoris, g-spot, and penis because of it’s the ability to be worn inside and out during intercourse. U-shaped vibes are great for veterans and beginners because of their versatility. Our most popular option is the “Double Joy” by Satisfyer! We love the “Double Joy” because it is affordable, easy to use, and has the option to be used with or without the app!

Non-Toy Partner Play

Like we said before, exploring new things in the bedroom can be intimidating for some, sometimes this means that you don’t want to jump straight into panty vibes, cock rings, and insertable vibrators. That's fine! We believe that it is our job to present everyone with options that make them feel as comfortable as possible. If you and your partner are not ready for toys, we have a very wide selection of partner games that can spice things up in the bedroom! From games to scratch-offs, here is a list of things we offer: 

  1. Board Games 
  • Examples include: 
    • The Oral Sex Game
    • Bedroom Rendezvous 
    • Glow in the Dark Sex!
    • The Spirits Want You To Have Sex! 
  1. Scratch-off tickets: Scratch-offs are a fun party game or partner game! They have tasks for you and your partner to do (like body shots!)
  2. Card Games 
  • Examples include: 
    • 4 Play (a set of foreplay tasks)
    • Let's get Deep
  1. Dice: Dice is the most popular (non-toy) couple play option that we sell! It is a simple and fun way to explore new things in the bedroom!
  • Examples include: 
    • The Dice Made Me Do It
    • Ultimate Bondage Dice 
    • Oral Dice 
    • And so many more!