Getting to Know Lubricants

by Teagan Frazier

Lube 101

We cannot talk about lube enough! It’s so important and should be on every single person's night stand and in every overnight bag! 

Sex and masturbation is ALWAYS better with lube. A good glide makes everything more enjoyable. Without proper lubrication, you can experience discomfort, micro-tearing, or UTIs. Plenty of people with vaginas assume they don’t need lube, due to their natural lubrication. The natural glide is great but can be even better with assistance! Depending on how long your session is, positions, and more - dryness can occur either way. 


The first ingredient in any water-based lubricant is water. Any water-based lube will be safe for toy play,  intercourse, anything! It washes off the body quickly and usually absorbs right into the skin after a while. Most water-based lubes can be reactivated by adding water but usually needs to be reapplied once absorbed into the skin. If you feel it becoming “sticky” or “tacky” just reapply or add water! 


Silicone lubricants will not absorb into your skin. This means that they are never sticky and create a long lasting “glide” effect. The main ingredients of most silicone lubes are dimethicone and dimethiconol, which lay on top of the skin - wonderful for those with skin sensitivities! We recommend using silicone lube over water-based to anyone with skin sensitivities, water play, anal play, and with glass/metal toys. Silicone should NOT be used with any jelly, siligel, TPE, TPR products.


The best of both worlds! Hybrid lubes are a mixture of water-based and silicone. Very moisturizing and usually a milkier consistency. These will absorb into your skin like water-based but last longer like silicone. Most of these types of lube brands will have the word “Silk” included in the name because it gives off a silky feeling when absorbed into the skin. Most hybrid lube brands are compatible with silicone toys, but ask a sales associate before purchasing both together.


Flavored lubricants are usually water-based and include sugara. We do not recommend using them internally, especially if you are sensitive. There are all-natural brands that are formulated for intercourse, but always use caution. Flavored lube is a fun way to keep the mouth lubricated during oral. They come in a wide variety of flavors, warming and cooling, and subtle to strong flavors. 

All categories offer natural/organic versions, glycerin-free, paraben-free and also come with carrageenan and coconut oil! Want a lube that tingles, warms, or cools? Most brands have options in all enhancement styles!