Our Lingerie Is For Every Body

by Maggie Avery

Lingerie is for Every Body

Lingerie can be a source of anxiety for many people, but it is our goal to help everyone feel comfortable and sexy in their body. When choosing lingerie, it is important to remember that it is suppose to fit you, you are not suppose to be able to fit it


Types of Lingerie:

To begin, we want to describe some of the basic types of lingerie you may see when shopping...

1. Corsets: Corset's have been around for a very long time. They are fantastic for giving a shaping your figure and giving you an hourglass look. 

2. Bustier's: Bustier's have a similar look to a corset, but not quite the same. Bustier's are able to give that same hourglass, but they also push up the bust to create the illusion of a fuller bust. These are especially good for women who have smaller breasts.  

3. Matching Sets: Matching sets are a great way to portray a fun & flirty look. Matching sets are good for drawing attention to your entire body, rather than just one part.

4. Teddy's: Teddy's come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. They fit like a one piece bathing suit would, so they can flatter any body type. However, for people with wider shoulders, this is a particularly good option. A teddy will give the illusion of an elongated figure, which balances out those who have wide shoulders. 

5. Baby Doll's: Baby Doll dresses are a great option for those who may be starting out with lingerie. They will fit like a lose mini-dress and can look amazing on any body type!

6. Chemise: Chemise dresses are similar to baby dolls but chemise's usually are a little bit longer and looser fitting on the bust. The cut of a chemise dress can be extremely flattering on everyone, especially those with longer legs.  

7. Body Stockings: Body stockings are a one-piece, tight fitting (usually "stretch-to-fit) lingerie garments. Body stockings can cover the whole body or be super reveling by adding mesh fabric, cuts, or slits into the fabric.  

8. Slip's: Slip's are another type of lingerie dress, usually made out of satin or silk material. Slips will be exceptionally complimentary on those who have a rectangle or hourglass figure. 


What We Have To Offer:

No matter your comfort level when it comes to lingerie, we strive to be able to provide at least one thing that you will feel comfortable and confident in. If you have never tried lingerie, it is important to explore all options before ruling one out just because you are unsure on how it will look on you. 

At Nice & Naughty, we value size-inclusivity. We have a wide variety of lingerie from XS-4X. We want you to love the body you have and know that it can look STUNNING in anything, as long as you feel confident! 

Here are some of our favorite lingerie brands (also pictured below): 

  • Shirley’s of Hollywood
  • Dreamgirl
  • Coquette 
  • BeWicked
  • Adam & Eve