Lingerie Reviews From Real People #2

Date: December 16th, 2020


“I love lingerie because I think it's really easy as a mom to forget that you can still be sexy. For me, I felt like I lost alot of myself, confidence and sex appeal when I had kids and life became about the everyday responsibilities. I found that when I slipped into a sexy piece of lingerie and took a few pictures I started actually feeling sexy again. I even keep a stash of pictures for myself to look at when I need a reminder that I'm a total fox. It ultimately built my confidence back up and now I love my body. Every single stretch mark and cellulite bump. It's mine and there's no reason I can't be sexy and be a mom. Plus, bonus, I'm teaching my girls that it's okay and important to love yourself and be confident in your own skin, even if you don't fit into the dumb little box of beauty that society created.”

Photo by Nichole Gulotta

Shillo Wright

“My name is Shillo Wright. I love lingerie because I love how it feels when I find a piece that hugs my body the right way and feels flattering to me. It started with corsets as part of a night out outfit, and then I did my first boudoir shoot and realized how good it feels to feel sexy for myself. I've done more since and plan to keep doing them because who doesn't love to put on makeup and get photos taken.”

Hedy Harper

“Hedy Harper here! I love lingerie for so many reasons. It’s great self care for me to be able to wear beautiful things, even under my clothes, and the fabrics used in most lingerie feel just marvelous against my skin. It also makes great base pieces for embellishments and use in my stage performances as a burlesque performer! What’s not to love?”