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Lingerie Reviews From Real People

Date: December 9th, 2020


“I love lingerie. I feel like I never have enough oomph to just put it on for no other reason than to wear it, but I want to get back to feeling sexy. I miss going to my office because I'd dress up and wear something super skanky underneath and it’d be like my own sexy little secret. Definitely helped my sex drive!”

Lingerie by Nice & Naughty Photo by Mod Bettie Portraits


“What's not to love about lingerie?! Feeling sexy made easy. I love lace pieces especially because of the delicate nature and the peek-a-boo effect it lends to the body. Sometimes I will just let a piece glide across my skin softly, and enticingly. The ability to layer lingerie to make a tantalizing experience for myself or my partner is something I have been playing with recently. Before Corona shit the world down I loved going out wearing lingerie as outerwear. Which plays into my love of adopting a strong mood or pretending to be someone else completely. What's not to love about lingerie?”

Nicole Braun

“Age 40, wife and mother of 3 kids and 4 fur babies Lingerie makes me feel powerful and helps remind me I’m still a sensual woman regardless of age, size or number of diapers I have to change every day”

Photo by Sara Herzog