Nice & Naughty

Nice & Naughty offers a large selection of premium lingerie and toys, intimacy products, body care, fetish products, bachelorette party goods, and everything else you need to enjoy, explore, share, and embrace your sexuality, have fun, and feel your sexy best.

In addition to our product offerings, our goal is to promote sexual health, wellness, awareness and education - along with being comfortable with your body and sexual self, and with expressing yourself and asking for what you want (and getting it).

More than just another sex product retailer, Nice & Naughty is a community. We are inclusive to all, and welcome and embrace customers of every preference and lifestyle.

Whether you visit one of our retail locations for a hands-on buying adventure aided by our knowledgeable staff, or prefer the convenience and discretion of an online shopping experience from anywhere, Nice & Naughty has you (un)covered.

Teagan Frazier

President, Nice & Naughty